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For your safety and for the best possible results, it’s important that your skin is a clear canvas for your tattoo. This includes the absence of any cuts, scabs, sunburns, acne, moles, or birthmarks in the desired placement (we can work around any smaller spots/moles). Scars should be a minimum of one year old before being tattooed over. Everyone’s skin is different but by following these pre-care instructions, we can eliminate any external factors that may affect the tattoo and healing process:


1) Drink plenty of water!

While it’s always a good idea to stay hydrated, it’s particularly important for a tattoo session as it helps you last longer and heal quicker. I recommend at least two liters of water per day starting two weeks before your appointment.


2) Exfoliate & moisturize!

To ensure that your skin is supple on the day of your appointment, I recommend you exfoliate every other day and moisturize everyday starting two weeks before your session. This will allow your skin to absorb the ink better.


3) No alcohol before your session!

Please do not consume alcohol the day before your session. It causes the skin to become more irritated and inflamed during your session.


4) No caffeine/blood thinners before your session!

Avoid using any blood thinning medication unless you are specifically instructed to continue using them by your doctor. Because most anti-inflammatories and pain relievers contain blood thinning agents, these medications should be avoided. You are welcome to use pain relievers after our session. Caffeine is also known to thin the blood, so is also discouraged before your appointment. 


5) No need to shave!

It’s not necessary for you to shave prior to your session— I will do that for you.


6) Eat well & bring food!

Your skin is the largest organ on your body and everything you take in directly affects your skin. Please keep this in mind during the weeks/days leading up to your appointment. On the day of your appointment, remember to have a hearty, balanced meal as your body will need plenty of energy. Don’t forget to bring food/snacks & water (but please keep in mind that you cannot consume beverages/food at the back of the shop— please ask for a break and I will direct you to the front of the shop). 


7) Wear clothing that will give me easy access to the tattoo!

It’s important that I have easy access to the area we are tattooing. For arm tattoos, wear shirts without sleeves. For leg tattoos, wear shorts/spandex shorts. For back tattoos wear a button up that can be worn backwards. For sternum and rib tattoos, wear a loose shirt (bring pasties if needed). We have a privacy partition available when needed. 

Getting a tattoo is an invasive procedure and your safety is my number one priority, so please take care of yourself and treat the process with the same hygiene and care as you would in a medical setting. I am so excited to collaborate with you on a work of art you can wear for a lifetime— thank you for the support. See you at the shop soon!

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