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How do I submit to your custom books?

I usually open my custom books every other month— the ofWhen I open my custom books, I post a link to a custom booking request form to my Instagram page. I only accept custom booking requests through this form. 

Here is the custom booking link

How do I prepare for my tattoo appointment?

I have to cancel/reschedule— what do I do?

Please email me as soon as you know you need to cancel/reschedule the appointment!

If you need to cancel your appointment, please keep in mind that the deposit is non refundable.

For a reschedule with enough notice, I will transfer your deposit to our new appointment; however, you will need to put down an additional deposit if I receive less than 72 hours notice. After three or more consecutive reschedules, you may be required to put down an additional deposit to reschedule.

Where can I park?

The Lucky Goose is inside a large strip mall with free parking right out front!

Can I bring food/drink?

Yes, feel free to bring a snack and beverage! You cannot eat/drink in the back of the shop— but if you need a break to replenish your energy, I will direct you to the front of the shop where you can!

What should I wear to the appointment?

It’s important that I have easy access to the area we are tattooing. For arm tattoos, wear shirts without sleeves. For leg tattoos, wear shorts/spandex shorts. For back tattoos wear a button up that can be worn backwards. For sternum and rib tattoos, wear a loose shirt (bring pasties if needed). We have a privacy partition available when needed. 

Do you have available flash?

Any available flash will be posted to the the "flash" highlight on my Instagram profile. A link to book will be attached to the highlight.

Here is the flash booking link

How do I take care of my new tattoo?

I’m going to be late— what do I do?

Call the shop and let us know! Our number is 678-903-5921. If you are going to be over 30 minutes late to the appointment, we will need to reschedule.

Can I bring a friend with me to my appointment?

My shop’s policy does not allow any additional guests in the back of the shop. We do have (limited) seating at the front of the shop for anyone not getting tattooed.

I want to change my custom design completely— what do I do?

You must communicate any major design changes at least 7 days before our appointment. Small design edits day of the appointment are totally fine! If a large design change is communicated less than 7 days before the appointment, we may need to reschedule the appointment. 

When will I see my custom design?

I will have the design ready for you to see on our appointment day. I’m happy to make small changes to the design that day if needed. 

How do I get a GWYG tattoo?

When I open my GWYG books, I post a link to a GWYG booking request form to my Instagram page. It is $200 to play, and $25 to spin again. 

Here is the GWYG booking link

What is the best way to contact you?

Email me at! Please do not DM me on Instagram— I do not check my DMs. 

What form of payment do you accept?

I accept cash or card.

What are your rates?

I charge by the piece for most designs, but for large-scale work I charge $150/hour. My minimum is $200.

Can I use numbing cream?

I am not opposed to numbing cream; However, I do ask that you please pay attention to the ingredients list when you are selecting a numbing cream. Make sure that there is less than 5% lidocaine, epinephrine, pricolaine, etc. Any active numbing agents over 5% will affect how the skin retains ink. If you choose to use numbing cream, please let me know— and be sure to put it on before the appointment (read the instructions and make sure not to let it sit for longer than instructed). 

The downside to using numbing cream is that it will probably not last the entire session. Since your body will not have had a chance to adapt to the pain, it will hit you all at once as soon as the numbing cream stops working. I personally prefer to use bactine intermittently throughout the tattoo to help relieve pain— I will usually offer to use it during the appointment, but feel free to ask for it. 

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